The Foundation “KAROLINA & PAUL PISSANOS”, in which the UNIVERSAL INTELLECTUAL CENTER OLYMPOS participates, will kindly receive all sponsorships and donations from individuals and institutions from all over the world, each one helping according to his own ability, in the realization of the project.

The Foundation is controlled by a special Legal and Accounting Mechanism, which ensures the integrity of the distribution of the funds to the company “HEPTAPOLIS – Anonymous Development – Commercial HOLDING – S.A.”, which leads and participates in the 24 subsidiaries, that have already been designed for the planning of HEPTAPOLIS and its infrastructure projects, in order to build three cities of classical standards in the wider area of the Municipality of Delphi. HEPTAPOLIS – TRILOGY – The Vision of Delphi will be one of the largest and most important development projects in Greece and the whole world.

The entire system of Control, Allocation, Distribution and Good Management of the sponsors’ money will be under the vigilant protection of the Board of Directors, the Executive and Scientific Committees and the Financial Committees of the OLYMPOS Association. It is considered worthy to highlight that, all the necessary processes have been foreseen so that the sponsors’ funds for the construction of the HEPTAPOLIS projects are given the necessary respect and consideration as “a tribute of the present generations to the future generations of the world’s societies”.