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Thomas D. Taverney

I bring 47 years of experience in line management, and entrepreneurial endeavors working in private, public, and non-profit arenas. During my career i have been a true citizen soldier. I have served both the Air Force and the civilian aerospace industry. I have had both a rewarding military career, culminating as a Major General serving as Vice Commander of AF Space Command, and a challenging civilian career in the Aerospace business serving in many capacities including company President of a start up, a COO, a General Manager, chief scientist, and chief engineer. I am a nationally recognized acquisition expert and expert on the Space domain, especially in the execution of complex programs (on advisory Boards for the SecAF, AF Space Command and the DNI). I have deep expertise in real time on-orbit satellite operations, Space Launch, and space systems development. I am a passionate strategic thinker, underpinned by a solid risk management view of the world.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Experienced line manager, from Program Manger to COO (revenue, profit, and growth responsibility)
  • Entrepreneurial thinker. I look for opportunities to grow and to survive challenging/changing markets – I was COO of Infotec as it grew from a start-up to $140 M in revenues
  • Led a risk reduction new start, defining market to be pursued, developing the market strategy, and implementing that strategy, creating a law enforcement products company that returned the corporate investment in 18 months and generated a 20 percent annual profit
  • Strong risk manager- I balance risk vs. reward to make cogent decisions
  • Proven crisis management skills, taking companies through crisis scenarios, and developing successful alternate strategies, both in line business and in real time operations- satellite and launch operations
  • Experienced change manager- I have lead organizations through change while exercising strong leadership and team-building skills. If you are not changing and improving, you are falling behind the competition.
  • Strategy driven while balancing long tern with short term company needs.


SAIC/Leidos (2001-Present) Corporate Senior Vice President – I am currently managing all space systems hardware development at SAIC. During my tenure, I have met or exceeded revenue, profit, and growth goals every year while maintaining a unique unblemished on-time, on budget performance record for delivering space hardware. I have been a thought leader for change in Military space, leading to a new approach for disaggregated affordable/resilient systems, with leadership of the groundbreaking Commercially Hosted Infrared Payload Program (CHIRP) and use of commercial buses for ridesharing and as dedicated buses. CHIRP program at the forefront of this thinking, and proved many of these concepts.

US AIR FORCE RESERVE (1979-2006) – Achieved the rank of Major General in the AF reserve. Was called back to active duty multiple times. These included serving as Vice Commander of AFSPC, providing day to day management of 40,000 military, civilian, and contractor space professionals. Wrote the analysis simulation for the Advanced Launch System, and the simulator of a classified satellite. Led the planning for PDB 720, implementing significant across the board cuts, while retaining key operational capabilities. Was the senior Director of Space Forces for the Command, leading the planning for the use of Space in the Area of Responsibility (AOR)..

TITAN/AVERSTAR/PACER-INFOTEC INCORPORATED- a series of three mergers (1996-2001) – Group Vice President and General Manager Applied Technology Division – I was responsible for strategy development and execution, budget, planning and financial performance, plan execution, contract performance, customer satisfaction, business development, and growth. Customers included Air Force, NASA (JPL), Federal Government, State/County/City, Commercial Law Enforcement, GIS, and Commercial business. My organizations performance exceeded goals of 18% growth and 7.5% EBIT every year.

INFOTEC DEVELOPMENT INCORPORATED (1980- 1996) – Vice President of Engineering: COO: President of Criminal Justice Systems- One of the founders of INFOTEC Development Incorporated. Company started operations in 1979 (with three people) and grew into a $140 million/year company specializing in communications, command, control, and intelligence, software and computer systems engineering, integration and hardware systems engineering, geographic information systems, law enforcement, and training systems. I held numerous positions including Division General Manager, Vice President of Engineering, Chief Operating Officer, and finally President of the Regional Systems Division. Led a strategic initiative to diversify when DoD business was shrinking, which allowed the company to continue strong growth (in the fastest growing 100 companies in the country 11 times). Additionally, I worked as the company’s contact with investment bankers to develop investment packages, spin-off sale packages, was the lead briefer on the “Roadshow” and represented the company in negotiations and closure.

Rockwell International (1979-1980) – Program Manager, Program Director – I was responsible for advanced satellite design group, managing 5 contracts and three Research and Development programs.

United States Air Force (1968-1979) – Many jobs including management of a satellite operations center including 150 personnel. I was the initial designer of aircraft based ASAT system.


  • Chairman of the Board of the Schriever Chapter of the AFA (2008- Present)
  • Governance Chair of the Board of the “California Space Authority (2006-2009)
  • Chairman of the Board; Los Coyotes Country Club (1999-2001)
  • Space and Missile Systems Center Advisory Group (2006-Present)
  • Air Force Space Command Independent Advisory Group (2012-Present)
  • DNI Acquisition Advisory Group (2012-Present)
  • Air Force New Entrant Assessment Team – readiness of new launch entrants (2012-Present)
  • Broad Area Review- Assessing the health of the current launch program for the SecAF-2010
  • Cal State Fullerton business school advisory Board (1997-2000)


  • US Air Force Academy – 1968 – BS in Engineering Sciences
  • University of Southern California – 1976 – MS in Systems Management
  • NACD- “Battlefield to Boardroom”- 2013


  • Air Force Scientific Achievement Award- 1969
  • Who’s Who in Aviation- 1972
  • Distinguished Service Medal, Legion of Merit among many other military decorations
  • Schriever Fellowship – 2006
  • Inducted in to Space Operations Hall of fame 2010
  • Aviation Week Program Management Excellence Award 2012
  • Schriever Lifetime Achievement Award- 2014

Publications (Attached)


  • Nov 2009- High Frontier- “Ten Rules for Common Sense Acquisition”
  • Space Review-
  • Aug 2011- “Resilient, Disaggregated, and Mixed Constellations”
  • 16 April 2012- “Toward a Space Code of Conduct
  • 19 August 2013- “To Mars or not to Mars”
  • 10 March 2014- “Protecting critical space capabilities from physical and fiscal threats”
  • September 2014- “Fixing the Curse of Incumbency”
  • 8 June 2015- “How military space programs need to deal with change”
  • 28 Nov 2011- Astropolitics- “Engineering Global Leadership”
  • Space News Op Eds
  • 31 Jan 2011- “An Answer to Affordability of Space Systems”
  • 12 Sept 2011- “For a Truly National Launch Policy”
  • 18 Jan 2012- “To Share or Not to Share? That is the Question.”
  • 13 Aug 2012- “The Imperative of Affordability”
  • 15 Oct 2012- “The Inspiration of Curiosity”
  • Dec 2012- “Financial Pressures could push Air Force back to TSPR”
  • May 2013- “The S word- The beginning….not the end”
  • 29 September 2013- “The pull of Mars on our spirit of exploration”
  • 6 October 2014- “Incredible Shrinking Research Investments”
  • 3 August 2015- 5 Aug 2015 “With Stability Achieved—-The Future of Space is Now” short version in print on the 3rd, long version on-line on 5 Aug