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  • Do you have an Innovative Idea as your own “asset”?
  • Do you have a Scientific Study ready?
  • Do you have pending a patent or have you patented?
  • Have you completed a revolutionary dissertation useful to the international community?
  • Are you ready to provide the public with a Creative Protection Program for Man, Nature, Earth, and Space?
  • Do you have a Study for Social, National or International Development and are you looking for recipients and potential partners?
  • Have an Innovative Idea ready:
  • To improve the ecosystem?For the Conservation of the Animal Kingdom?For the advancement of Human Knowledge?To combat poverty?
    • For the Better Allocation of Money?
    • For better distribution of social goods?
    • For Healthcare for Human Beings?
    • For a fairer exploitation of Technology?
  • Do you have a book or a scientific or social journal of your own and are you looking for a solution for publication and publication? Deposit your request using up to 120 words.
  • Do you have the results of a Scientific Conference or Academic Speech and would you like to publish them? Submit your request using up to 120 words.
  • Are you looking for Academic, Scientific or Technological Partners to promote a Public Benefit Plan, set up a new Agency? Or a Company? Or even a foundation?
  • Submit your Idea to your chosen box.