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The Recognition Of The Greek Language By International Scholars And Thinkers

Η Αναγνώριση της Ελληνικής Γλώσσας από διεθνείς επιστήμονες και διανοητές

«Greece is the mind and heart of Universe» - Goethe

«If the Gods speak they sure use the Greek Language» - Cicero

«May the Greek language be common for all languages» - Voltaire

«The values of Greek Culture remain inaccessible standards» - Karl Marx

«The European Culture starts from Greece» - Var. Goeger

«I have never come across someone who could inspire more respect than the Greek philosophers» - Nietzsche

«If your Library does not have works of Ancient Greek authors, then you live in a house without light» - Shaw

«The ancient Greek language was and is the superior of all older and newer languages» -M.Ventris

«As the violin is the most perfect musical instrument, so is the Greek language» - Keler

«The language of the Greeks, in variety, simplicity, flexibility and precision exceeds any other» - Shelley