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The Mathematics Of The Greek Language

Η Μαθηματικότητα της Ελληνικής Γλώσσας

Greek is not a random language. It was built on mathematics, and what few still know is that every word in Greek has a mathematical background.

The letters in the Greek language are not sterile symbols.

Upright, upside-down with special accent, they were all 1620 symbols used in Harmony (Music in Modern Greek).

Their most important attribute is that each letter has a numeric value / value, each letter is a number, so each word is a number. A vast knowledge of locked-encoded words means because of the mathematical values ​​they have.

One of the Pioneers on the subject was the greatest Pythagoras.

Numbers, shapes, harmony and stars have something in common, so mathematics (numbers) geometry (shapes) harmony (music) and astronomy (star = a-without-support + natural laws governing them) were sister sciences according to Pythagoras, which in the particular order we mentioned was the staircase for the evolution of the mind-soul towards the Creator. A Creator he created based on these four sciences.

27 symbols of numerical value compose the Greek Alphabet, 3 groups of 9 symbols-numbers or each group, with the sum of each group of 45, 450, and 4,500.

To see some examples:

ALPHA = 1 + 30 + 500 + 1 = 532 => 5 + 3 + 2 = 10 => 1 + 0 = 1

EN = 5 + 50 = 55 => 5 + 5 = 10 => 1 + 0 = 1

ΟΜΙΚΡΟΝ = 70 + 40 + 10 + 20 + 100 + 70 + 50 = 360, as many as the degrees of the circle

In order to understand the meaning of the words of Ancient Greek language, we must first know some things about the Greek language itself.

Ancient Greek language is the only one that is not based on the fact that some simply sat down and agreed to call an object "x" or "ψ" as all the other stellar languages ​​of the world. Greek language is a mathematical masterpiece that we will try to approach.

The principle of everything is the Greek Alphabet itself (which of course we did not get from someone else as we will see below because it is not actually done). The letters of the Greek alphabet as a whole were 33 and the vertebrae, the last 5 vertebrae (which play the role of the antenna) are directly related to the brain and correspond to the last 5 letters of letters known only by the priests; one of them was Sostika (or Gamadion), which in Latin became swastika and the Nazis stole it and called it Swastika. This symbol is the life-giving Sun (Apollo), the Nazis turned it over to symbolize the opposite of the living Sun, that is, the dark death.

There were still some letters that over time were abolished such as the Dime (F), Coppa (Q), Stigma (S '), Sabi (ϡ)

Pythagoras informs us about the three levels of the Greek language which are:

  1. Speaking
  2. Signal (a. Signal, b. Signed)
  3. Hidden (a. Intervals b. Vibration c. Lexis number d. Number)

-The first is the speech

-The second is the relationship of the signal with the sign that we will analyze below

-The third is space (distance & time), vibration (which awakens the brain through the frequency generated by the pulses created - Atlas palace), the lexarithm (the relation of letters and words with numbers) and the number (the relation of letters and words with musical tones)

Each letter corresponded to a number, but also to a musical tone, hence letter = number = tone (musician), which indicates that in our language behind the letters-words there are numbers (literals) and musical tones.

The 4 sister sciences according to Pythagoras were:

  1. Numbers (mathematics)
  2. Shapes (Geometry)
  3. Music (Harmony)
  4. Astronomy

These sciences are intertwined and are in one another like the Russian bamboo. Combine now the alphabet that encloses numbers and musical tones with these 4 sciences.

Tip: astronomy = astry + law, α-sup = what is not supported, so astronomy = universal laws governing what is not based somewhere, dealing with music (harmony), geometry) and all this with the ether that surrounds the celestial spheres.

Tip 2: Pythagoras listened to the harmony (music) of the Celestial Spheres

So we speak a language that has to do with the flow of the universe.

The Greek language is the only one that can be used for PCs because of the mathematics and musicality of not only the Alphabet-words, but also of the mathematical concepts that arise, for example, the word THESIS becomes: compassion, affirmation, confession, hypothesis, exhalement, advent, preaching, revival, apostasy, counseling, etc., if these words now translate them into English are completely unrelated to each other.

The fact that the Alphabet is not copied from somewhere else is shown by the fact that in 2300 BC (with studies by Tziropoulou and others and not in 800 BC), Homer already has at his disposal the 6,500,000 primary words (the first person of the present and singular number) which if we multiply them X72 are the calls we will make a huge number that is not the final, because we do not forget that the Greek language is not sterile, GENERAL.

If we now compare e.g. the English language that has 80,000 words, of which 80% is Greek as the University of Wales informs us, and we can see that this sterile language evolves for 1000 years, we can easily conclude that Homer receives a language that is deep in the time of 100,000 BC; 500,000 BC?

Who knows ... WHY the absolute proof is its mathematics itself, which does not exist in any other language of the planet. Let us not forget yet that the Creator uses mathematics to create, so our language is necessarily related to the source (root-0/1).

But before "Krypton" there is the "Signal", that is, the association of words with these concepts. They said earlier that the foreign dialects were agreed upon, that is, some agreed that the object would call it "X", which makes the languages ​​sterile, so they cannot give birth to new words, so there is no mathematics, so they cannot describe new concepts that exist in nature, with the result that the brain, since it cannot describe through new words new meanings, is left in the dark, so brain neurons do not give birth to young people as opposed to those who use Greek. How could, for example, the English or the French or X, Y with a word that has 10 meanings to describe precisely and clearly a deeper meaning?

Let alone the multiple sides of it? it cannot be why everything started here. Signal is therefore the connection of the signal with the signified, that is, the word itself is created in such a way that it describes the meaning enclosed in it.

example: the naming of the word KARYON comes from a observation of nature (as all the words), that is, when two horned animals (cripples, traps etc.) trawl with their coins they hear the crack or "kara", this sound gave the name "horn" (horn) the horn gave the name of a keel or a carat (head) and its inferior Karyon (small head). Τhe Karyon (walnut) looks amazing with the human head and the inside of it with a brain.

Y is the root of the verb YΩ (wet) where Y exists; there is a cavity (or curvature), that is, flies, the rain (liquid element) enters into the earth.

The musical-numerical alphabet creates musical-mathematical words describing corresponding concepts derived from the observation of the nature of Creation and hence of the Creator itself, but the question is how many millennia may have taken to create this perfect a mathematical complex whose letters are numbers and musical tones, and the words, that is, all the numbers and musical tones, conceal within them, in addition to complex musical harmonies, concepts which is it not at all accidental but after extensive observation of nature?

So, reasonably, Antisthenes reminds us of "The Wisdom or the Name of Visit"