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International Academy of Social Sciences

International Academy of Social Sciences,
Miami, State of Florida, USA

At the 8th Forum Humanitas in Athens, October 22-23rd, 2016 under the title “The Use of Knowledge” organized by OLYMPOS Universal Intellectual Centre, the International Academy of Social Sciences, that was a supporter of the Forum, was represented by its Academician Prof. Dr. Tonis Breidel Hadjidemetriou, M.A. PhD, Baron Breidel, who delivered at the opening ceremony the greetings of its President, Prof. Dr. Otto F. von Feigenblatt, Count of Kobryn with the following words:
“Distinguished participants and members of the Olympus Forum,
I am very sorry that I cannot be there in person but please be informed that the Academicians of the International Academy of Social Sciences support the present Conference.
Knowledge is the ability to make sense of information and it is synonymous with understanding. Transforming data into information and eventually turning that information into knowledge is a very challenging process. Nevertheless an even more difficult challenge is making use of knowledge. Science can help us reveal universal truths as well as the hidden structure of nature. Understanding the way the world works does not mean that we know what to do with that knowledge. It is imperative that we discuss, as academics, how to use knowledge, what to do with it. Can we agree on certain goals to strive for? Is there a single way to measure success for humanity? Only a constructive and consistent dialogue can help us tackle those daunting questions.


Dr. Otto F. von Feigenblatt, Count of Kobryn and Baron von Feigenblatt-Miller
President, International Academy of Social Sciences”.

At the closure of the Forum, Prof. Tonis Breidel Hadjidemetriou received the Honorary Distinction of the Silver Medal of the OLYMPOS-UIC by its President Mr. Paul Pissanos, awarded to the President of the IASS Prof. Dr. Otto von Feigenblatt for his meritorious services in the field of education and the expansion of Knowledge among the Nations.