The Deeper Meaning of the Golden Section in the Delphic Amphictyony

The Golden Parallelogram standard of the City, of the Delphic Amphictyony.

Delphic Amphictyony – Apollo Amphitheatre.

The building complex of the Delphic Epsilon.

With the area of Delphi, always being the place of selection, Paul Pissanos set as a second pillar the “Delphic Amphictyony of Earth and Space”. The central pillar of the “Delphic Amphictyony-City(Polis)” is the “Apollo Theatre”, a giant amphitheatrical hall for world congresses, the defence of human rights, the prevention of third world and other unrest and wars, the safeguarding of peaceful coexistence of people of the earth, the guarding of the institutional norms and cultural values of the United Nations and UNESCO.

The “Delphic Amphictyony-City(Polis)”  will be structured based on the Golden Ratio standards, with the building complexes integrated in an arrangement of Golden Parallelograms, of Pythagorean urbanism, which as a whole, together with the streets and squares, will make up a complete Golden Parallelogram.

In the centre of City, at the top of the building complexes, at the top of a six-story building, there will be a giant Delphic E, indicating the power of the Delphic Amphictyony throughout the period of the Delphic Oracle.