The Deeper Meaning of the Golden Section and the Golden Number in Heptapolis


– The archetype of motion, nature’s world, in proportion and symmetry.

– Archetype of immobility, Divine world he hath created, Eternal life he hath joined, The eternal Icon of souls he hath possessed.

– Word of the three worlds, Natural first, to Man second, and third the Divine.

– Of the three worlds, Law and Number into one substance, and the substance of these into one.

– The One, the Law and the Number, he made man divine, and for the purpose of the One he gave man an eternal soul.

– And the Law is called Proportion and Symmetry and Number is called Golden, and in the context of all the Worthies, he composed the Golden Spiracle, and Elix composed the Golden Section.

 – If man shall be called Man, first shall be called the City of the Golden Section. From the apocalypse to the center of Elix, walking in peace, receiving knowledge, communicating the Word of God, visiting the world of souls, on the One and All, inheriting eternal light!

– He, therefore, in faithful observance, Followed the Golden Spiraeus, To the city of the Golden Tome, God’s citizen of the race!

The Author
Pavlos Pissanos


The whole Universe bows to the "Golden Number Φ"


The Golden Ratio in Heptapolis

The courtyard at the Gate of Heptapolis

The Tholos in the center of Heptapolis

The seven circles of Pythagoras in Heptapolis

The Architectural Study and the Mathematical Design of Heptapolis, which is the intellectual conception, completion, promotion and work of Pavlos Pissanos, with the voluntary scientific support of the distinguished Pythagorean scholar Hippocrates Dakoglou and most of the volunteer consultants, scientists, in order to build, on a photometrically selected piece of the Earth’s crust, the most beautiful mathematical city in the world, was based on the strict application of the Golden Number and the Fibonacci Sequence, not only in its overall construction, but also in all its basic building complexes.

The Golden Number 1+ square root of 5/2 which is equal to 1.6180339887…, becomes manageable from the initial conception of the project, since Paul Pissanos had studied the terms, rules and results of the Golden Section before conceiving the construction of Heptapolis.

As we shall see below, there are three main pillars on which the author relied in order to demonstrate the effects of the Golden Ratio in his special constructions.

The first is Heptapolis itself.
The site chosen for its construction, near the sanctuary of Delphi, was chosen after months of study, the results of which showed that the area where Boeotia meets Amfissa, which since the time of Pythagoras had been found to be the best lit area, not only of Greece, but of the whole world, would be an ideal choice for the construction of a unique mathematical city in the whole world, built according to the Heavenly Standards of the Golden Section.

It should be noted that, in the metaphysical explanation of the “Divine Analogy”, there is in the thinking of the scholar a milestone of thought, a precise point of an ideal final choice, which is also defined as the point of the Golden Section.

In short, the Golden Section is defined in all the non-visible and visible phenomena of the world, which in their ideal expression constitute the beauty, the exquisite, and the excellent manifestation in its relation to Harmony.

Pavlos Pissanos, having the absolute belief that the visitor of the future, when entering the Gate of Light in Heptapolis, will feel the absolute awe, surrounded by buildings, squares, streets, tiles, squares, circles and triangles structured with Mathematical reasoning, in a realm where Numbers prevail, he immediately believed that Heptapolis, must be the City of Numbers and Mathematical Standards.

In the mind of the creator, first the Golden Section was born and then Heptapolis was born. On the seven Universal Circles of Pythagoras, the circle of the Ecumenical Sphere of the City, for the organization of the universal reconciliation and love of the peoples of the Earth, touched the Dome, which presents in a unique panorama the coexistence of the Microcosm and the Mega-Cosmos, which brings Man himself in the center of observation.


Building with the Golden Parallelogram standards.

The Gate of Light of HEPTAPOLIS.

Athena, Apollo and the eagles of Zeus, in Golden Parallelogram standards.

The gardens – Built on Golden Parallelograms Standards, at the entrance of HEPTAPOLIS..

Marble PETRA on the walls of HEPTAPOLIS, at the base of the Golden Ratio.

In private Universities, floor plans and ceilings will be structured based on the Golden Parallelogram.

In Heptapolis we observe the application of the Golden Section Principle in the following structures:

The relation of a line defining the diameter of Heptapolis, with a total length of 1.618 meters (1,618) and comparing the center of the Dome and the periphery of Kyttaros with the periphery of Kyttaros and the library “Alexander the Great” (Reffering the Edge of the City with the Middle).

The length – width ratio τof the 13 Golden Rectangles, on the inner periphery of the library “Alexander the Great”. This length-width relationship is not only observed in the sinking of the underground spaces where the building complexes are built, but also in the length-width of the complexes themselves, within the Golden Parallelograms Standards.

On the front of the Gate of Light, where the length and width of the base of the entrance, the length and width of the roof of the Gate, the length and width of the vertical front of the Gate and the length and width of the rear front of the Gate, are all built based on the Golden Section Principle, in the application of Golden Parallelograms Standards.

The entire elevated plateau of the Gate of Light, in the courtyard outside the walls, is a Golden Parallelogram. The base on which the marble complex “Greece crowns Alexander” is supported is built on Golden Parallelogram principles, while the relationship between the statues of Greece and Alexander is built on the principle of the Golden Ratio.

The marble pedestals on which the statues of Athena and Apollo rest, at the entrance of the Gate of Light, are of Fibonacci Sequence standards in successive “Golden” Parallelograms.

The base, on the floor of the Gate of Light, where the two eagles of Zeus meet, in front of the rock representing the navel of the Earth and the lit tripod with the eternal light of Knowledge in the middle of the eagles, is built on Golden Parallelogram standards.

The gardens in the courtyard of the Central Gate of Heptapolis are all designed in Golden Parallelograms standards. The support base of the peristyle of the Academy of Nations building on the Acropolis of Heptapolis, as well as the boundaries of the building itself, were designed using the Golden Parallelogram standard.

The main hall of the United Nations, inside the Acropolis, is built on Golden Parallelogram standards, while the levels of the hall are structured with the Fibonacci Sequence standards.

The marble PETRES and PLAKES of the Heptapolis Sponsors, with which the walls and floors of Heptapolis will be lined, will consist of Golden Parallelogram standards.

At the point where the logarithmic spiral in each PETRA and in each PLAKA, will close in a center called by science, called the “eye of God”, will be placed the full name of the Sponsor and his code number.

In private Universities, the floor plans and ceilings will be built on the basis of the Golden Parallelogram. It should be noted that the entire “Heptapolis” as well as the cities of the ” Φ City” and the “Delphic Amphictyony” are structured in their details according to the rules of the Golden Number, Golden Proportion and Symmetry.