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The Wheel of opposite Forces

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HEPTAPOLIS will be decorated in the streets, parks, but also in the houses and galleries with marble, stone and bronze statues of Greek and foreign poets, writers, authors, scientists, artists, national heroes and recognized political leaders.

The visitor of HEPTAPOLIS will be able to use the GPS that will be provided, upon entering the GATE OF LIGHT, to mark the statue that will impress or interest him/her, while walking through the areas of Polis and by pressing the appropriate button, to see in electronic form, on the screen of the GPS, in the language he/she has chosen, the history of the statue or a dedication plaque.

In this way, the visitor will be able, without the accompaniment of a guide, to be informed through the statues and to study, without any particular effort, the history of the Ancient Greek world.

Certain figures, such as those of Aristotle, Plato, Socrates, etc., will be depicted on statues of 2 to 4 metres in height, placed on marble bases.

Sponsors interested in sponsoring a statue and seeing their name inscribed on the pedestal-base can click on the button here:

Visit our website and select the artwork you wish to have your sponsored artwork created.

Special privileges of HEPTAPOLIS Sponsors


The “Grand Sponsor” is honoured with a marble statue, up to 2.6 meters high, placed on a decorated marble pedestal 2 meters high, in the courtyard of HEPTAPOLIS, in front of the “HALL OF THE GRAND SPONSOR”.

The “HALL OF THE GRAND SPONSOR” in the left wing of the “PILLAR OF LIGHT”, 81 metres long and 12 metres wide, will have in its front twenty-eight (28) columns of Doric style, made of white marble, while along its entire length it will have compartments and storerooms for the storage of material for votive offerings, statues and other materials and utensils, for the exclusive use of the Sponsor for the work of HEPTAPOLIS. The “HALL OF THE GRAND SPONSOR” shall forever belong to the “GRAND SPONSOR” and their legal successors.


The “3 GOLDEN SPONSORS” will be rewarded with 3 marble statues, each 4 metres high, placed on pedestals 1.2 metres high, in the courtyard of HEPTAPOLIS and in front of the “HALL OF THE 3 GOLDEN SPONSORS”

The “HALL OF THE 3 GOLDEN SPONSORS” opposite, directly opposite the “HALL OF THE GRAND SPONSOR” will have exactly the same dimensions, for the same uses, divided into 3 equal spaces, twenty-seven (27) square meters each space for each Golden Sponsor.

The “HALL OF THE 3 GOLDEN SPONSORS” shall forever belong to the 3 “Golden Sponsors” and their legal successors.


The “3 SILVER SPONSORS” will be rewarded with 3 brass statues up to 3 meters high each, placed on a marble pedestal 1.2 meters high, in the courtyard of HEPTAPOLIS, directly opposite the GATE OF LIGHT and in front of the “HALL OF THE SILVER SPONSORS”.

The dimensions of the “HALL OF THE SILVER SPONSORS” will be 81 metres long, 9 metres wide and will have twenty-eight marble columns of Ionic style on its front.

Along the entire length of the “HALL OF THE SILVER SPONSORS” and 6 metres wide there will be compartments for the storage of memorial donations to HEPTAPOLIS. The “HALL OF THE SILVER SPONSORS” will be divided into 3 equal parts, twenty-seven (27) meters long, belonging to the 3 Silver Sponsors.

The STOA will be owned forever by the “3 Silver Sponsors” and their legal successors.


The Benefactors are defined as the Sponsors, who provide money for the construction of the Polis buildings, or engineering plans, or electronic mechanisms and programs, according to the specifications for the completion of the HEPTAPOLIS project.

The Benefactors have the right to choose a statue or statue or dedicatory monument, which is inscribed in the “ART WORK LIST” of HEPTAPOLIS and which, will have its name engraved or embossed as “Benefactor of HEPTAPOLIS” at the base of the pedestal with the Art Work they have selected.

The cost of the marble or brass sculpture will be included in the price of the “Benefactor’s” funding to HEPTAPOLIS, at no additional financial cost to the Benefactor.

The name and title as “Benefactor” will be inscribed on the HEPTAPOLIS Benefactor marble plaques placed on the Polis ZOSTER, on the electronic boards to be posted at the 4 Polis locations, and on the list of Benefactors on the HEPTAPOLIS Website.


“SPONSORS” are defined as those entities, or Companies, or citizens, who are kind enough to pay the cost of one, or two or more “PETRES” or “PLAKES” of flooring, or sculptures, paintings and other tributes to the HEPTAPOLIS site.

The name of the Sponsor will be inscribed on the “PETRES” of the Heptapolis walls, of which he paid the cost, also on dedication plaques and for all Sponsors, within the special column of “SPONSORS” on the HEPTAPOLIS website.

The “SPONSORS” will be entitled to Free Entrance from the “GATE OF LIGHT” to the HEPTAPOLIS site, for a period of the first 5 years, from the opening of HEPTAPOLIS.



Their name will be mentioned and written:

  1. At the base of the Tribute Grand Statues, in front of the HALLS, in the courtyard of HEPTAPOLIS.
  2. On a marble PLAKA, on either side of the GATE OF LIGHT of HEPTAPOLIS.
  3. On the electronic page of the “HEPTAPOLIS DONOR BOOK” at the entrance of the “GATE OF LIGHT”.
  5. Throughout the entire period of building HEPTAPOLIS, the titles or names of the GRAND SPONSOR, the 3 GOLDEN SPONSORS and the 3 SILVER SPONSORS will be mentioned in the press releases distributed to all media.
  6. At the annual Celebration of the Equinox, which will be held in the HEPTAPOLIS CITY, near the naval complex of the Academy of Nations and the UN and UNESCO complexes, on a special VIP platform, the GREAT, the 3 GOLD and the 3 SILVER “HEPTAPOLIS CIVILIANS OF OPPORTUNITY” will be able to attend the events, next to the most select of the guests.


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  • 20-09-2022

    This project is now live on Heptapolis Fundings!

    HEPTAPOLIS will be decorated inside and outside the Polis with statues, sculptures, statues, statues, sponsored monuments bearing the 147 Delphic orders, paintings on frescoes and panels, wall mosaics and ceiling decorations in marble and stone.
  • 25-09-2020

    First stretch goal announced!

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  • 27-09-2022

    Help us decide the next stretch goal!

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