Meteora – The Rocks of God

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The traveller who wishes to visit Meteora by crossing the Thessalian plain, first passes through the city of Trikala. This picturesque town, which is marked by unique historical memories, was inhabited 5,000 years ago and until the 11th century BC it was called Trikki.

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The name Trikki, we meet for the first time in the works of Homer. In ancient times, Trikkis was a wonderful cultural and religious centre. Here there was a famous sanctuary of Asclepius, which contributed significantly to the worldwide recognition of Trikki as the city of Asclepius. Today’s Trikala, in the Early Christian years, experienced a unique flourishing. In the 6th century AD, the Emperor Justinian renovated the city walls. In 1082, Norman raiders occupied the city, while in 1204, Trikala became part of the kingdom of the Franks of Thessaloniki. Dominant powers conquered Trikala from time to time until 1393, when the city, along with the whole of Thessaly, came under Turkish rule.


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