02) Golden Section

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The author Mr. Paul Pissanos has been making his mark on the spiritual life of Greece for decades. Mr. Pissanos does well, what according to the President of Miteran the Greeks do well, Culture in all its extent and depth.

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The book deals with the main subject of the author’s interest and study. Harmony in the World and its relation to the divine.
The purpose of the book is to communicate with the general public in an imaginative, understandable and above all successful way. The book is written with the author’s characteristic eloquence and persuasiveness and is useful as well as enjoyable to the general public as well as to the specialist, the scientist, who will find interesting aspects which, even if he knows the subject very well, he will enjoy.
At the same time, the reader will find aspects he had not imagined, even if he has been working on this subject successfully for years.

Xenophon Dion. Mousas
Astronomer, Professor at the University of Athens


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