05) Alexander the Great and Aristotle
The Secret Teaching

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The manner in which the present work is written proves the author’s profound knowledge on the “way of thinking” of Aristotle the Great.

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The “philosophical continuity” of the “on Nature and the Sciences” views of the Stagirite mogul of Human Intellect and the way in which the discipleship of Alexander the Great becomes extremely energetic and educational, through the author, in no way lacking the proven thought of Aristotle, constitute the most important aspect of the work.

The author’s thesis to make Alexander ‘Great’, before he comes of age, before he takes in his hands ‘shield and spear’ and the demonstrative method of Aristotelian imperatives and laws on the moral meaning of ‘Great’, modify the hitherto held beliefs about the conquering qualities of the son of Philip, making Aristotle’s Doctrine of Education still relevant.

The amount of useful information, on behalf of the young students and the practiced “midwifery” of Aristotle for the successful externalization of the ideologies or mental positions of the adolescent students of Pella, especially, the son of Philip Alexander, make the present book of Pavlos Pissanos, extremely useful for today’s and tomorrow’s students and also for the students of Aristotle’s philosophy, scientists, researchers, professors and intellectuals.

Athens, April 2005
Academician Emeritus Professor of Philosophy
University of Athens


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The Secret Teaching”

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