Hotel Infrastructure

Apollon Royal Palace

The two outdoor pools of Apollon Royal Pallace

The roof of Apollon Royal Pallace with the helipad

The winter pool on the roof of Apollon Royal Pallace

The entrance – exit of the helipad

Apollon Royal Palace’s prototype restaurant

Near HEPTAPOLIS will be built the luxury Apollon Royal Palace Hotel, which will host, in conditions of maximum security, high-ranking political, military and financial personalities from all over the world. The structure will feature a helipad, an indoor gym and meeting rooms, an Olympic-size outdoor swimming pool, exercise lanes, a golf course and an oval-style restaurant, the Aquarium, which will offer the hotel’s distinguished guests a light show on an artificial seabed within the restaurant, in which small and large marine fish will roam. In the wider area of Delphi and the surrounding Delphic districts, a large number of hotels will be built, which will meet the needs of visitors, not only of HEPTAPOLIS but also of the cities of the Delphic Amphictyony and the Golden Section, which will be built near HEPTAPOLIS. Between tourist hotels, a special tourist unit is included in the area that will cover the needs of winter arrivals at the Parnassos ski resort.

Heptapolis - Trilogy

Luxurious Hotel Exterior Standards

In the carousel below are presented hotel models, from which the interested person can choose the style and the external appearance of a hotel, which will be an auxiliary model for the architects who will design their own hotel in the touristic areas of Heptapolis – Trilogy.