Delphic Amphictyony & Silicon Valley

It is considered useful to point out, that the Urban Standards of the Delphic Amphictyony aspire to improve the living conditions of Man on Earth and in Space.

The methodical and targeted exploration of Space and the establishment of man on the Moon, Mars and other planets require a completely new and revolutionary “way of thinking” with a significant interest in cooperation between Europe and America.

Silicon Valley, is still considered to be the largest and most important city for technological applications to date.However, the choice of sites for the establishment of research centers or enterprises, or manufacturing or technological material production industries is based on randomness.

The Delphic Amphictyony will establish rules and regulations defining a specific map of Business-Industrial “Sectors”, with planned building sites in each “Sector” belonging to the “Earth Area”.

It is considered absolutely necessary, that the new pioneering constitution of the Delphic Amphictyony should have a very clear, concrete and inspired plan, which concerns the solution of basic problems on Earth, Sea and Air, as well as the coherent effort, on a global level, to settle man on the Moon and other Planets. Of course, many good, innovative and useful ideas can be drawn from Silicon Valley…

Cooperation may be sought with many of the companies currently working with Silicon Valley…

Direct or indirect collaborations with scientists or Research Centres may even be requested from this American giant… However, the general structure of the Delphic Space Alliance for the achievement of specific objectives on Earth and in space will have to be put on a new basis, because the lost timeframe does not allow any more delays.

The entrance to the City of Delphic Amphictyony.
Apollo standing majestically, in front of the temple building.

The building complex of EPSILON, with the logo E on its architectural structure.