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The world premiere of the documentary, HEPTAPOLIS INTERNATIONAL GREEN POLIS was held in the presence of major figures in Letters, Arts and Sciences, foreign ambassadors and politicians at the Evgenides Foundation (Planetarium of Athens) on Monday, June 17, 2013.

The promotion was also attended by representatives of large foreign financial groups, international bankers and investors who are already in contact with the group of the economists of OLYMPOS –UNIVERSAL INTELLECTUAL CENTER for their participation in the largest scientific-intellectual project ever in Greece and the world.

Building HEPTAPOLIS in the area Sterion and Distomo in the region of Viotia has now been achieved, and the cost recovery of this huge project will be realized by means of the “Humanitarian Project” system.

The documentary HEPTAPOLIS –INTERNATIONAL GREEN POLIS will be screened subsequently for the European Union, the Moscow Academy of SciencesUNESCO and the U.N. while parts of the project will be streamed from YouTube and social media in the world and in many languages.

The documentary HEPTAPOLIS-INTERNATIONAL GREEN POLIS took over three years to create, shows 3D simulations of HEPTAPOLIS and the viewer feels as if he/she walks through the Polis among the building complexes, Conference halls, Experimental and Research centers, gardens with lakes and water jets, statues and works of art that will decorate the most beautiful city in the world, which is a Pythagorean model, constructed with decorative measures based on the Golden number (1618).

The project studies took an entire army of scientists, from planners, architects, engineers, environmentalists, sculptors, painters, programmers, cartographers, economists and intellectuals, and today, the study material is in the hands of large foreign bodies with drawings and blueprints of the largest investment program ever.

It is expected that the relevant agreements with financial institutions will be signed, which it will take to cover the total cost of HEPTAPOLIS and infrastructure projects with complete tourist coverage, so that Greece can regain through the Pythagorean HEPTAPOLIS its lost glory, functioning again as a global center of Letters, Arts and Sciences.

The Chairman of the Board: Paul Pissanos

The Scientific Committee of the OLYMPOS ASSOCIATION

Evangelos Moutsopoulos – Academy of Athens, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, University of Athens
Michael Poulantzas – Professor Emeritus of Sociology, University of Rome
Konstantina Palamiotou – Professor of Philosophy, University of Athens.
Emmanuel Badouvas –M.D., Professor of Surgery, University of Athens
Andreas Kampizionis – Professor of Philosophy, Saint Marion University, USA
Stephen Vogazianos Roy – Professor of Ethnology, University of Glasgow; V.P., Group for UNESCO Arts, Literature and Science, Greece
Eleftherios Ferekides – M.D., Professor of Otorhinolaryngology, University of Athens.
Stanley Sfekas – Professor Emeritus of Philosophy and Religion, University of Indianapolis.