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The world premiere of the documentary HEPTAPOLIS - INTERNATIONAL GREEN POLIS took place at the Eugenides Foundation (Athens Planetarium) on Monday 17 July 2013, in the presence of personalities from the world of Arts, Letters and Sciences, foreign Ambassadors and political actors.

The screening was also attended by representatives of major foreign financial groups, international bankers and investors who are already in contact with the team of economists of the OLYMPOS Association - UNIVERSAL INTELLECTUAL CENTER for their participation in one of the largest scientific-spiritual projects ever carried out in Greece and the world.

The construction of HEPTAPOLIS - Trilogy in the area of the Municipality of Delphi and especially in the area of Desfinas, is now a fact.

The digital documentary HEPTAPOLIS - INTERNATIONAL GREEN POLIS took more than 3 years to create, it presents HEPTAPOLIS in 3D simulations and the viewer feels that he/she is taking a walk inside the Polis with its building complexes, the conference halls, the Experimental and Research Centres, the gardens with lakes and water jets, the statues and works of art that will adorn the most beautiful city in the world which will be a Pythagorean model, built with cosmic measures based on the Golden Number (1,618).

A whole army of scientists, urban planners, architects, engineers, engineers, mechanical engineers, environmentalists, sculptors, painters, programmers, cartographers, economists and intellectuals volunteered to carry out the studies for the project.

New workplaces are created for architects, engineers, urban planners and other technologists and technocrats for the organization and operation of the HEPTAPOLIS - Trilogy project execution mechanism both in Athens and in the Municipal Unit of Desfina.

A basic prerequisite for the execution of the HEPTAPOLIS - Trilogy projects is the organization of the financing sectors by national and international institutions that will undertake the coverage of the total cost of HEPTAPOLIS - Trilogy and the infrastructure projects, in order to make Greece a global center of Arts, Letters and Sciences.



The future operation of Heptapolis in a purely digital environment will give the visitor the opportunity to interact with other visitors as well as access to its digital libraries, its digital Museums, its educational programs, the AETHER MALL e-shop, where he can shop, watch movies for young and old, attend lectures, Conferences , Workshops.

The Chairman of the Board: Paul Pissanos

The Scientific Committee of the OLYMPOS ASSOCIATION

Evangelos Moutsopoulos – Academy of Athens, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, University of Athens
Michael Poulantzas – Professor Emeritus of Sociology, University of Rome
Konstantina Palamiotou – Professor of Philosophy, University of Athens.
Emmanuel Badouvas –M.D., Professor of Surgery, University of Athens
Andreas Kampizionis – Professor of Philosophy, Saint Marion University, USA
Stephen Vogazianos Roy – Professor of Ethnology, University of Glasgow; V.P., Group for UNESCO Arts, Literature and Science, Greece
Eleftherios Ferekides – M.D., Professor of Otorhinolaryngology, University of Athens.
Stanley Sfekas – Professor Emeritus of Philosophy and Religion, University of Indianapolis.