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This Study has features of a children’s story; one might think that it was written for preschoolers.
And yet! … It is a study for adults.
It is a Study on man of the 21st century who was able in the last decades to turn planet Earth into a “universal neighborhood,” and who was able to view the planets and the stars in space as a “second neighborhood”, in which he should in the near future strive to locate appropriate sustainable space (a planet), to travel to this, to conquer it, to colonize it.
This Space story is a living Earthly reality, and its author can be none other than Technology itself.

We live in an exciting era, steeped with voices of peace and cries of war … with the miserable rich and the happy poor…

Half the planet against the other half and, all together, in favor of technological progress.

Perhaps we did not understand that the planet Earth is in need, in a short time, to spread its population to another friendly planet.
Perhaps we did not realize that the more organized we are as we confront these journeys into space, the more benefits will the people of Earth have in their daily lives.

Join us to live the dream together … the beautiful tale.


Here you can find the book.