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Tonis Breidel Hadjidemetriou

Tonis Breidel Hadjidemetriou have studied History, International Relations and Humanities with a M.A. and PhD, has been a Lektor of Educational Programmes at the University in Vienna, senior editor of the European Democrat magazine and a colaborator of the Political Academy of Vienna.

He is a Scientific Researcher and Fellow of the University of Humanities and Technologies of Lisbon and Member of the Academy of Letters and Arts in Portugal.

He is a Member of the Literary Society “Parnassos”, the Greek National Society of Literates, the Circle of Bibliographical Studies of Madrid, the Universal Intellectual Centre “Olympos”, The Spanish Academy of Genealogy, Heraldry and Nobility, the Ex-Libris Society of Lisbon etc.

He is the author of three historical books.

For his authorial work as well as for his extensive humanitarian activities he received decorations and honors, notably by the President of the USA Mr. Barak ObamaH.M. Queen Elizabeth of the UK, the Patriarchs of Jerusalem and AlexandriaRoyal Houses, scientific and benevolent institutions.