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Steven Vogazianos-Roy

Steven Vogazianos-Roy is an Historian-Ethnologist, a graduate of the History and Archaeology Department of the Faculty of Philosophy of Athens University, Greece and a holder of a PhD in Comparative Ethnology from the Department of Biblical Studies and Near Eastern Cultures of Glasgow University, Great Britain.

He has taught at the Greek State Open University under the capacity of the Author and Critical Reader of taught material  for  the Greek Race Dispersion through the Ages syllabus for  mainstream courses of  the Greek Civilization Section ; he is a Business English Instructor at Companies Executive Seminars and  a Permanent Member of the Glasgow University General Council.

He is an article-contributor at Peer-reviewed Greek and International History Journals and a Member of the Assessment Committee for publications shortlisted for inclusion in the Glasgow University Library and for taught material at foundation courses in the domain of cultural and racial interaction of Eastern Mediterranean and Near East tribes at the 13th, 12th, 11th and 10thcenturies B.C.

He has delivered Papers at international Congresses of Biblical History, Ancient Mediterranean Prehistory and Philosophy of History ,those at Katania in Italy in 1991, the 2010, 2011 and 2012 World Philosophical Forum Symposia in Athens and the ones in Shanghai and Zhengzhou in China in 2015 standing out as of some special importance.

He is Vice-President of the World Philsophical Forum whose all six Symposia he has co-chaired , a member of the Board of the OLYMPOS World Intellectual and Cultural Center and Vice President of the Club for UNESCO of Arts, Letters and Sciences of Greece.