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Katerina Panagopoulos

Distinctions and awards for her great work!

Ambassador of Greece to the Council of Europe on Sport, Tolerance and Fair Play , President of the Hellenic Athletic Women’s Association “Kallipateira”

With her ingenuity and action she manages the impossible and today serves as ambassador through association committees and positions of responsibility for the common good. She offers pro bono and volunteer services for people in Greece and abroad. She has received numerous awards, has been honored repeatedly and is situated in a project that will probably never end because Katerina Panagopoulos is possessed of ineradicable passion for all that she does and is always on the move!

1952: She draws her origin from Asia Minor from purely Ionian sources. Her father was born in Izmir and her mother in Ayvalık. She was brought up by a family that gave her all the tools for a successful future and valuable studies. She studied at the Evangelical School of Nea Smyrni and the Paul Valery University in Montpellier, France, in the Foreign Literature section. In the early years of her career, she worked in the tourism industry and has been for many years a successful entrepreneur creating the Studio Alta Moda in Athens. She is Ambassador of Greece to the Council of Europe on Sport, Tolerance and “fair play”, accredited by the Ministry of Culture in 1998. She performs her tasks on a voluntary basis and participates in numerous international conferences, speeches and lectures and interventions, that are organized by various organizations such as the Greek and International Olympic Committee, the Greek and International Paralympic Committee, the UN, UNESCO, the International Olympic Academy, the Council of Europe, the European Parliament, the International Council of Armed Forces Sports (CISM), various sports Federations and Associations, educational Institutions and Associations. Since 2005 she is a member of the Board of the International Committee for Fair Play. She is President of the Hellenic Athletic Women’s Association “Kallipateira”. Kallipateira is an exclusively female Athletic Club, member of the Athletics Federation recognized by the Ministry of Sports and was established in 1976. During her Presidency, stadiums were constructed as well as playing fields, gyms and training centers in sensitive economic areas of Greece.

Her considerable achievements are countless. She is the first and only Greek, who received the first European Prize “Women and Sport 2012” by the International Olympic Committee in Los Angeles in February 2012. The nomination was presented by the Greek Olympic Committee ( REA) and supported by the Greek and European Paralympic Committee, as well as Sports Federations, Associations and international personalities, who were quick to applaud the reward for its important work. This award, according to the Greek and international press was characterized as the first gold medal of Greece for the 2012 Olympics.  Equally important is her work in the interior, with her participation in conferences and workshops, with constant visits and lectures in schools and institutions throughout the country, in order to update and disseminate the principles and values of “fair play”.  Worthy of special mention is her initiative, in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to hold the series of speeches in the United States in the larger centers of Hellenes Abroad (California and Florida) aimed at rallying the Diaspora and its activation in the context of progress towards the 2004 Olympics in Athens. Her personal initiative with memoranda sent to the Ministries of Education, Culture, Public Order, Health and Foreign Affairs she stressed the importance of the institution of “fair play” and the important role to be played in this century, for social cohesion and, by extension, for world peace. During the preparation for the Olympic Games of Athens 2004 as Ambassador of Greece to the Council of Europe, she undertook to promote the “ideological background” of the Games, in cooperation with the competent Ministries, through specific programs. To carry out the project, she participated in many conferences in Greece and abroad, giving lectures.

She travels around the world for the common interest and the common good: for high ideals in world service. The activities include the participation in scientific conferences, such as the First World Congress of Sports Sociology in Seoul, Korea, where she presented, in cooperation with two Greek teachers, scientific research – Communication: “The socio – cultural effects of the Olympic Youth Program at the Olympics in Sydney “in July 2001. As a guest of the President of the British Parliament, Eddie O ‘Hara, she delivered a lecture at the House of Commons, Grand Committee Room, entitled” Fair play: An Ancient Institution, a New Approach,” in March 2001. Another important invitation was that of the President of International sports Council of the Armed Forces (CISM), during the 58th General Assembly and the 22 Session of the Armed Forces International sports Council which was dedicated to peace through sport, where she gave a lecture entitled: “Fair Play: an ancient concept a new approach“, Dubai, United Arab Emirates in May 2003.

She has received many distinctions and awards for great work: As Ambassador of Greece to the Council of Europe on Sport, Tolerance and Fair Play she has been awarded numerous prizes and honors. Among others, the following: 1st European Prize “Women and Sport 2012”, International Olympic Committee, Los Angeles, February 2012 – Award for Contribution to the Development of Sports, Greek Federation of Archery, Athens, February 2014 – Emblem Ministry of Defense, war Museum, Thessaloniki May 2013 – Award for her continuous contribution to Greek sports and Greek Society, Association of Greek Olympians, Athens, September 2013 – Award for her valuable contribution and support for the Greek Paralympic Movement, Greek Paralympic Committee, Athens in December 2013 – Greek Olympic Committee award for significant contributions in the field of Women and Sports, Greek Olympic Committee, Athens, January 2012 – Honorary board Honorary Group tennis at Athens, Athens, February 2012 – Woman of the Year, Municipality of Piraeus, March 2007 – Honorary board for the Relief of the 7th General Assembly of the European Paralympic Committee, Heraklion Crete, September 2007 – 10th Annual Leadership Award for her unique quality of bringing out the best in youth with her incomparable love and passion for “Fair Play” and her birthplace “Greece” , New York, June 2005 – Honorary plaque for outstanding cultural contribution, Byron Society, Messolongi, May 2004 – Gold Medal in recognition of her social and cultural contribution, Pan-Hellenic Association of Friends of the Archdiocese of Athens, Athens, July 1, 2004 – Award OPIS for a major contribution to Hellenism, AHEPA FAMILY HELLAS – CYPRUS # 25, Athens, May 2003 – Prize, International Council of  World Sport Armed Forces (CISM), Dubai, United Arab Emirates, May 2003) – Honorary plaque, in recognition of her contribution to the dissemination of the institution of fair play, Byron Society, Messolongi,  May 4, 2001 – XENIA Honors Diploma for services to the community, Athens, January 24, 2001. Honorary plaque for her contribution to Sport and Society, Hellenic College, London, October, 2001 – Emblem of the Honorary Supreme Armed Forces Sports Council (ASAED), Athens, March 2000 – Honorary plaque for her contribution to Sailing, ATHENS EUROLYMPIC WEEK, Greek Sailing Federation, February 1999.

Her presence and counsel are everywhere helpful. She is an honorary member of the Euro-American Women’s Council (EAWC). Honorary member of the Pan-Hellenic Association of Friends of the Athens Archdiocese, honorary member of the Byron Society. Honorary member of the Greek Committee Pierre de Coubertin, Member of the Association of Friends of the Cancer Society, Member of the Association “HOPE”, member of the Association “ELEPAP”, Member of the «JOY” Association, Member of the NATIONAL GALLERY OF FRIENDS Group. Member of the Board of Friends of Blood Bank (OPA). She was Vice President of Vouliagmeni Nautical Club, vice president of the Council of Ancient Olympic Games, Member of the National Committee for Mental Health.

Her hobby is water skiing and swimming. Languages: Greek, English, French, Italian.