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John N Giannios

Prof Dr John N Giannios DiplEngl(NYU), BSc(Biol)(USA), BSc(Chem)(USA), CertGCP(London), PGCertTMed(Edinburgh), PGDiplTMed(Edinburgh), MScTMed(Edinburgh), MD(AM) MPhil Med(London), PgCertFMed(Glasgow), cDSc (London), cLLB(Aberdeen), BCAM (USA), MD(AM)(Cal), FRSM(London), MRSC(Cambridge) and M/D Prof (London) in Translational Cancer Medicine. The four postgraduate degrees in Translational Medicine were earned with Distinction from the Medical School of the University of Edinburgh and London. He is the project leader of Translational Cancer Medicine in Medical University Hospitals discovering as a cancer researcher novel genomic/epigenomic personalised medicine therapeutic approaches,molecular diagnostics based on pharmacogenomics and molecular oncology research involving nanomedicine ,nanosurgery and oncogenomics/epigenomics . He is discovering with Next Generation Sequencing in American Medical Universities novel cancer related genes as targets for novel diagnostics and biological treatments under a personalized cancer medicine approach based on pharmacogenomics,pharmacoepigenomics and oncotheranostics. Furthermore,he is a genomic counselor for preventive oncology involving hereditary cancers,screening,diagnosis and oncotheranostics for personalized anticancer treatment based on the tumour’s genomic and epigenomic profile.He is the president and chief-editor of the Hellenic and International Society of Molecular and Genomic Medicine and Research organizing three national oncology congresses up to now with international participation. He is the Head of Assembly in Translational Research of the American Society of BIOMEDICINE and member of the executive editorial board of journals such as EC Cancer journals etc.He is the President of the International Academy of Precision Medicine and Oncology and the President of the International College of Clinomics based P4 Medicine. Furthermore,he is the president of the International Association of the Personalised Perioperative Medicine and Laser, Robotic and GENOMIC NANOSURGERY. Specifically,he has invented many new anticancer treatments based on molecular oncology and nanosurgery after adjuvant treatment facilitated by nanomedicine focusing on nano-oncology and fem to second laser leading to the eradication of cancer stem cells with nanophotothermolysis. Also he has invented many stem cell therapies for regenerative medicine which he has presented in American Congresses and in Canada. He has organised as president of the scientific and organising committee many molecular oncology congresses. He is in the editorial board of many international medical journals such as e-cancer etc. He has approximately 3,000 CME credits from the Medical School of Univ of Harvard,and other top American Medical Universities such as John Hopkins, Univ of Alabama etc. He has certificates of achievement for completing 144 credits in Category 1 of the Physicians Recognition Award of the American Medical association and certificates of medical courses covering all medical subspecialties of 50 credit hours each after passing tests given by the American College of Physicians-American Society of Internal Medicine. Also he has passed examinations for earning certificates with medical credits from the American College of Surgeons where he has three years of attendance in thoracic surgery where he perfected researchwise photodynamic therapeutic approaches (PDT) facilitated by nanodelivery systems with molecular targeting using antibodies against advanced lung cancers (NSCLC,SCLC,etc).For this work he has been awarded from the Balkan School of Oncology and he has presented them in plenary sessions of international Medical Laser Congresses. Also he has attended breast surgeries for many years perfecting research approaches of molecular surgery. He has been accredited by American Medical Universities to lecture American Medical Doctors for meeting the continuing medical education [CME] requirements required by American Medical Boards for Recertification. He has been selected for inclusion in the Who is Who in Medicine , and he has been elected by the International Biographical Centre in Cambridge as a top scientist in the arena of scientific research globally. He is an opinion leader for the last two decades in genomic and epigenomic cancer medicine where he has written four books and more than 5,000 lectures, posters and publications in International Oncology Congresses and Journals with more than 500 awards in novel treatments based on personalized cancer medicine and translational medicine including oncology, cardiology, regenerative medicine,endocrinology, gynaecology,neurology and other medical subspecialties where omic technology and nanomedicine might be applied mainly for tailoring individualized treatments to cancer patients with incurable solid tumors such as glioblastoma multiforme and metastatic tumors applying molecular targeting approaches for circumvention of chemo/radio/immune-resistant mechanisms using antisense treatments for downregulating antiapoptotic oncogenes and gene therapy or epigenetic therapy for re-expression of silenced apoptotic tumor suppressor genes.Induction of D2 irreversible stage of apoptosis is monitored by electron microscopy where he has a great expertise from the University of London.

Prof John Giannios has contributed as genomic counselor to the national genomic guidelines for breast cancer screening,diagnosis and treatment. He has teaching experience in many governmental(public) and private oncology hospitals where he has been directing cancer research with genomic approaches focusing on personalized cancer medicine. Finally, he is the founding and active member/fellow of many medical societies such as the International Society of Gastrointestinal Oncology (ISGIO), European Society of Gynaecological Oncology (ESGO), American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), American Association of Cancer Research (AACR), International Academy of Legal Medicine (IALM), European Society of Human Genetics (ESHG), National Society of Genetic Counselors (NSGC) etc. He is qualified to teach and practice translationally all personalized medicine therapeutic approaches where as a Translational Medicine practicioner he can take these novel treatments from bench to clinic. He has discovered the genomic therapeutic vaccine against cervical Ca caused by HPV and presented in ASCO(USA). He has invented a new therapeutic method of anticancer vaccines such as genomic therapeutic vaccines and autologous anticancer vaccines on a personalized medicine. He has discovered many novel anticancer treatments establishing the personalized cancer medicine approach based on omics which is against the big Pharma’s blind blockbuster policy of one size fits all. He is the inventor of immunotargeted NANOSURGERY for eradicating cancer metastasis as it was presented in ISGIO and the 29th Panhellenic Congress of Surgery pioneering the best and most efficient future surgical oncology. Now he is in the process of eradicating glioblastoma multiforme cells (the most lethal tumour called the terminator) and gliomatosis cerebri(termed as a Ghost in the brain) with molecular robotic nanosurgery facilitated by RFDH,cancer personalized vaccines and stem cells encoded with antisense molecules which have been presented in American Oncology congresses like SNO . He is board certified in Alternative and Integrative Medicine in USA and UK.He is also editor in American Medical journals. He is one of the founding academic members who have established PRECISION CANCER MEDICINE based on OMICS which has been facilitated with Nanomedicine starting presentations since approximately 20 years ago of these novel innovative therapeutic approaches in the American Society of Clinical Oncology and the American Association of Cancer Research as member and fellow of more than 100 medical societies and associations such as ISGIO,ESMO,ESGO,EACR,etc where in some I have been acting as a founding member and from which I have earned many awards for my novel therapeutic strategies. Finally,I am the acting Editor of the Int Journal of Cancer Therapy & Oncology (CTOIJ) USA , Εditor of the Journal of Cardiology & Cardiovascular Therapy (JOCCT) USA, Editorial Board Member of CLINICAL CASE REPORTS and REVIEWS JOURNAL (London,UK), EDITOR of the Open Access JOURNAL OF SURGERY (USA) and Head of the Translational Medicine Assembly of the AMERICAN SOCIETY OF BIOMEDICINE.As the President of the non-profit International Association of Personalised PERIOPERATIVE MEDICINE and Laser,Robotic and Genomic NANOSURGERY, I am practicing Nanosurgery experimentally for eradication of cancer stem cells which I have presented in the Annual Meeting of 2013 in the plenary session of the International Society of Gastrointestinal Oncology in USA and GENOME SURGERY against metastatic tumours.