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Ioannis Maronitis


1976-1983: Officer of ITT MARINE LTD Company Electronic Devices Ship Construction.
1983-1985: Member of the Air Force Research and Technology Centre (CTD-TH)
He served from 1985 to 1998 member of the tripartite secretariat of the Prefectural Committee of PASOK B Piraeus responsible occasionally, unionization, education, culture and sports.
In 1989 he was elected to the executive of Pasco Public Employees. He is a member of E.E.TE.M.
Vice President of Administration of Sports center “PLATO” from 1986 to 1989.
1990-1995: Head of Electronics Systems Protection (CTD-TH)
Since 1992 participates as Departmental Director in Piraeus County Council, initially as a representative social actors and in 1994 elected member elected Prefecture of Athens – Piraeus
1995-1998: Deputy Prefect of Piraeus.


In 1995 he was appointed by the Prefect of Piraeus, President of the Prefectural Committee for Religious Education & Adult Education and Deputy Governor in the Policy Planning issues Emergencies (P.S.E.A.) and President of the District Coordinating Body for emergencies.
With the above properties indicative quote:
a) The administrative responsibilities I bear
b) Initiatives in the broader ex / training ing sector had taken & c) On my involvement in supported by ESF programs NELE.

A) had the political responsibility of a service which covered thousands of civil servants and teachers have, inter alia, competence:
• in all matters relating to the election-appointment of the Regional Service Board A / B and Primary / Secondary Education / ing (Article 10 to 21 of Decree 75/86 GG 28 TD)
• in determining use of premises school was
• the school opening hours fixing issues of co-location, etc.
• Mounting administrators
• promotion educational
• definition D / Managers, teachers, assignments, transfers, etc.
• making proposals to the Ministry of Education for the needs of teaching aids etc.
• organizing all kinds of events

B) Based on the previous responsibilities had, inter alia, take over and implement the following initiatives:
• Advisory Station Foundation for Health Issues.
• Create Service Coverage Psychosocial School Buildings of the Prefecture. Piraeus.
• Create Bank sponsors for Culture.
• ‘Creation Centre Citizen Communication in NELE PIRAEUS
• Pilot project “District Heating” first END OF PIRAEUS
• Integrated proposal establishing Park Road Safety
• Proposing the establishment of the Center for Environmental Education

C) As President of NELE not simply acting administration, but had substantial involvement in the planning-implementation of both the various training courses, and parallel monitoring and control procedures. Indicatively:
• Programs Social Exclusion
• Programs for Special Social Groups
• Continuing Training Programs

Collaborating with executives NELE Piraeus participated in the formulation and implementation of the annual training program. Participated in the design and implementation of continuing training programs and fight social exclusion during the transition in 1997 made the NELE Piraeus.

Founder and Director of the Prefecture of Piraeus Vocational Training Centre (VTC Piraeus)
I worked in the Democratic training Piraeus Prefecture (NELE).
The NELE experienced an unprecedented recovery, and thousands of people have experienced the services:
1. We organized programs (computer science, journalism, graphic design, stained glass, pottery, marine, photography, Greek language illiterates)
2. We have implemented programs for theater, Cinema, Dance, Music, Painting, Traditional Arts, Traditional dances.
3. We held very important meetings on education, the environment, training, employment, tradition and culture.
4. We organized prevention programs against drugs for teachers, parents and students in cooperation with KETHEA.
5. We established the Communication and Information Centre of NELE carries out the following work:
A). Connect to the Internet and create pages to inform citizens and the expansion of transnational cooperation.
B). Preparation Guide service version.
C). Preparing Wizard version Iatrokoinonikon Services and Social Support School.
D). Create a database for promotion at work trainees unemployed.

successfully organized over 250 cultural events.
• January 1998 Founder and Chairman of the Symphony Orchestra NEW PIRAEUS (Dimitris Mitropoulos)
• February 1998 declared the Honorary President of the Choir and Symphony Orchestra PIRAEUS
• October 1998 Re-elected Departmental Director (to present).
• January 1999 elected Prefectural Commissioner.
• January 2000 elected Vice President of the District Council Piraeus.
• February 1999 Founding member and President of UNESCO Prefecture Piraeus and Islands Group.
An Action twelve and initiatives that we think about particularly felt the presence of the group.
We supported the efforts made by our regional actors can do much Piraeus a communication sea and center of the Mediterranean culture.
We established new institutions the Multi-Cultural Festival, the International Folk Festival, Panorama Traditional dances and successfully organized more than 300 events.
• From November 1999 until April 2000 special advisor Mr Deputy Gregory Nioti UNESCO on matters of cultural events and cultural Olympiad.
• From December 2000 and again special advisor of Deputy principal Gregory Nioti until today.
• From October 2000 to date General Secretary of the Greek Federation of Unesco Clubs and Centres as well as continue to maintain the position of President of Unesco Piraeus Group.
• In February 2001 elected Finance Manager European Commission of UNESCO.
• In February 2002 he elected General Counsel and Member of the Executive Council of the Panhellenic Federation of Workers in the Ministry of Defense, which represented 17,000 workers.
• In March 2004, he was nominated deputy in B Piraeus PASOK
• 19 to August 21, 2011 – World Federation World Congress of UNESCO Clubs and Centres (WFUCA) – elected for a second time Vice President of the World Federation for Europe and North America