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Evangelos A. Moutsopoulos

Evangelos A. Moutsopoulos

Evangelos A. Moutsopoulos was born in Athens in 1930.

He was a professor at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the University of Athens, of the latter of which he was elected rector in 1977.

He has been a member of the Academy of Athens since 1984 and a visiting professor at numerous foreign universities and internationally renowned research centers and Honorary or Corresponding Member of many Greek and international foreign academies and Philosophical Societies.

His studies in the areas of systematic philosophy and history of philosophy led him to the creation and international recognition of five new philosophical branches:

  1. Kairologia (he is known internationally as the “philosopher of kairikotitos”)
  2. Philosophy of Art (with a renewed sense of the word)
  3. Philosophy of Greek Culture (the importance of secondary interpretative evaluation of Greek philosophy of art and its institutions)
  4. History of Modern Philosophy
  5. The cosmic space Philosophy.

To these must be added his very significant contribution to the Philosophy of Music, a contribution that goes hand in hand with his activity in the composing field.

He is the creator of Corpus Philosophorum Graecorum Recentiorum (CPGR), which he included in the activities of the president of the Foundation for Research and Publications of Modern Philosophy. He founded and has been directing for more than  thirty years the international philosophical “Diotima” magazine, while the Academy of Athens has assigned him, since 1984, the supervision of the journal “Philosophy”, which functions as the Annals of the Research Centre of the Academy of Athens Greek Philosophy.

Evangelos Moutsopoulos, who is the author of 60 volumes of philosophical work and nearly 400 articles in the fields of Ontology, Axiology, Aesthetics, Philosophy of History and the History of Philosophy,has been creatively contributing to the field of Philosophy and Culture for more than half a century.