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Emmanuel I. Mikrogiannakis

The historian Emmanuel I. Mikrogiannakis was born in Amiras, Crete. He survived the hard times of the German occupation and the destruction and mass executions in Viannos province. He studied in Athens and Gottingen, Germany. He taught History of Culture and of Classical Times in Athens University for many years. He was President of the History and Archaeology Faculty, a member of the Senate and Dean of Philosophy at the University of Athens.

He was invited and taught in many universities in America, Europe, Africa and Asia. In particular, he contributed to the creation of  the Faculty of Greek Culture at the University of Taipei (Taiwan) and at universities in India.

Emmanuel Mikrogiannakis is the author of a multitude of studies, books and articles of purely scientific character and interest. Currently he serves as Chairman of the Parnassos Literary Society.