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Basil Markesinis

Basil Markesinis

– LL.B.:  Athens, “starred first” (1965)

– Doctor Iuris:  Athens ‑ “Summa Cum Laude” (1968)

– M.A. and Ph.D.:  Cambridge (1970) (Yorke Prize for best Cambridge Ph. D. dissertation of the year)

– LL.D.:  Cambridge (1988)

– D.C.L.:  Oxford (1995)

– Doctor Iuris, Honoris Causa, University of Gent (1992)

– Doctor Iur., Honoris Causa, Paris I – Panthéon-Sorbonne (1998)

– Doctor Iur., Honoris Causa, University of Munich (1999)

– Doctor Iur., Honoris Causa, University of Athens (2006)

  • Member of the American Law Institute (1989)
  • Foreign Fellow of the Royal Belgian Academy (1990)
  • Corresponding Fellow of the Academy of Athens (1994)
  • Foreign Fellow of the Royal Dutch Academy (1995)
  • Fellow of the British Academy (1997)
  • Fellow of the Greek Archaeological Society (2004)
  • Corresponding Fellow of the Institut de France (French Academy) (2004)
  • Foreign Fellow (Socio Straniero), Accademia dei Lincei (Rome) (2005)

-Advocate to the Supreme Court, Athens (1976‑ retried: 1986)

-Deputy Director of the Centre for Commercial Law Studies, Q.M.W., London (1986‑1993)

-Director for International Affairs for the Faculty of Laws, Q.M.W. (1989-93)

-Acting Director of the Centre for Commercial Law Studies (1987/1988)

-Founder-Director of the “Institute of Anglo‑American Law”, Leiden, The Netherlands (1987-1999) (Officially “opened” by H.R.H. the Prince of Wales in 1987 and President W Bush in 1989)

-Bencher of Gray’s Inn (1991- ); Appointed Senior Master of the Bench as of 2015.

-Founder-Director of the Oxford Centre for the Advanced Study of European and Comparative Law (1997-2001). Officially “opened” by the German Vice Chancellor and Foreign Minister in January 1996; upgraded to Institute in 1999.

-Founder-Director of the Institute of Transnational Law University of Texas at Austin (1999- 2014).

-Clifford Chance Special Adviser for European Affairs (1998- 2006) (Special duties: political/ legal networking/ advising for the Law Firm)

-Founder and first Chairman of the UCL Institute of Global Law (2001- 2005).

-Conseiller Scientifique du Premier Président de la Cour de Cassation (2001- 2007 ). The only non-French lawyer ever appointed to this post in the history of the Court.

-Non-Executive Director of the Onassis Public Benefit Foundation (2007-2011)


-Bundesverdienstkreuz, Erste Klass (Officer, Order of Merit) (conferred by the President of the Federal Republic of Germany for the “exceptional merits” of my work on German law and my successful efforts to strengthen Anglo-German relations) (1991)

-Officier dans l’Ordre des Palmes Académiques (Officer) (Awarded personally by the Prime Minister of France “pour services rendus depuis de nombreuses années à la culture française”) (1992)

-Chevalier dans l’Ordre Nationale de la Légion d’Honneur (awarded by Président Mitterrand) (1995)

-Cavaliere-Ufficiale del Ordine all Merito (Italy) (awarded personally by President Scalfaro “for services to European Integration”) (1995)

-Queens Counsel, honoris causa (1998)

-Grosse Verdienstkreuz (Commander of the Order of Merit, Germany) (conferred personally by the President of Germany for “outstanding contribution to British-German relations and the promotion of German law”) (1999)

-Grande Ufficiale del Ordine al Merito della Republica Italiana (Knight Commander of the Order of Merit) (conferred personally by the President Scalfaro of Italy) (1999)

-Commander of the Order of Honour (Greece) (2000) (Awarded personally by President Constantine Stephanopoulos for services to the study of Foreign and Comparative law and European legal integration.)

-Commander of the Order of the Légion d’ Honneur (2000) (Awarded by President Chirac “for exceptional services to France, Europe and the science of Comparative Law”.)

-Knight Grand Cross of the Order of Merit (Italy), awarded by President Ciampi for “services to Comparative Law, Italian Law and European Integration”. (2002)

-Knight Commander of the Order of Merit (Germany), awarded by President Johannes Rau for “exceptional services rendered to German-British relations”. (2003).

-Knight Bachelor (New Year’s Honours List, 2005). For Exceptional Services to International Relations

-Knight Grand Cross of the National Order of Merit, (France) (2006).

BOOKS (latest on top)
  1. Odysseus and Homer, An attempt to analyse an unusual hero and great poet (Sideris Publications and Amazon USA – end of 2016
  2. Ancient Greek Poetry – Epic, Lyric, and Tragic – as seen from the Angle of Art and Psychology (approximately 530 pages). Published by Amazon USA (2106).
  3. Mass immigration: Problems and Opportunities (Approximately 600 printed pages; Greek edition by Sideris Publishing – Autumn 2016; Amazon edition in English: Summer 2016.)
  4. Ancient Greek Poetry – Epic, Lyric, and Tragic – as seen from the Angle of Art and Psychology (approximately 567 pages, plus 50 coloured illustrations accompanied by fairly extensive captions mainly focused on the art aspect of the subjects. Greek edition by I. Sideris November 2015; Abridged Chinese edition 2016.
  5. Six Lectures on the Endurance of Ancient Greek Thought Through the Ages. Jan Sramek Verlag, Vienna, (2014), pp 220. Chinese edition to appear in 2016.
  6. The Market Economy and the Rule of Law. Series of Lectures Delivered in Shanghai and Beijing in May 2014. Chinese, Greek, Italian and English edition, (2014- 2015), pp 162.
  7. Will the Greek Economic Crisis Mutate into Social Upheaval? Sideris, Athens (2014), 119 pages.
  8. The Legacy of the Greek Tragedy on Modern European Culture (Chinese ed. planned for 2017); Greek edition (Sideris (2013) (600 printed pages). English ed. to be negotiated but ready and already edited.
  9. The Need for a New Foreign Policy and Military Dogma for Greece (in Greek, Sideris) (2013), 300 printed pages.
  10. Γράφοντας Για τον Εαυτό μου (Writing for Myself) – in Greek – Livanis (2011-12), pp. 495. (Best-selling book for the whole of 2013).
  11. Οι Επτά Ιδέες για Πιθανή Αναγέννηση της Ελλάδας, (Seven Ideas for the Revival of Greece) in Greek, Livanis (2011), pp. 175.
  12. Η Ελλάς των Κρίσεων (The Greece of the Many Crises) in Greek, Livanis (2011), pp. 430. (Best seller for two years: 2011 – 2012).
  13. Σκιές από την Αμερική. Άρθρα και Δοκίμια πάνω στον Σύγχρονο Αμερικανικό Επεκτατισμό. (Shadows from America) In Greek, Εκδόσεις Λιβάνη (2009), pages 364.
  14. Επικοινωνιακή Διπλωματία και Διπλωματία Βάθους. (Communication and Substance in Diplomacy) in Greek, Εκδόσεις Λιβάνη (2009), pages 317.
  15. Το Καλό και το Κακό στην Τέχνη και το Δίκαιο. Ένα Εκτενές Δοκίμιο. Εκδόσεις Λιβάνη (2010), pages (A translated, up-dated and extended version of no 12, below). Also in Chinese, 2013.
  16. Engaging with Foreign Law (co-author), Hart Publishing (2009), pages 452.
  17. The Duality of Genius, Jan Sramek Verlag, illustrated, Vienna (2008), pages 469.
  18. Σκοτεινό Μεγαλείο. Εικονογραφημένο (Flawed Grandeur) Ελληνικά Γράμματα (2008) in Greek, pages
  19. Good and Evil in Art and Law. An Extended Essay (Springer Verlag Wien New York, (2007) 264 pages. Chinese edition (2014); French edition (agreed).
  20. Judicial Recourse to Foreign Law: A New Source of Inspiration? (co-author), (Rutledge/ Cavendish Press), (2006), pages 409. Italian edtion (2009).
  21. Juge et Universitaires face au droit comparé. Histoire de trente-cinq dernières année, Dalloz (2006) with a Foreword of Président Guy Canivet of the French Supreme Court. (French translation of book no 20, below, but up-dated and with an additional chapter on French/USA constitutional law.)
  22. The German Law of Contract: A Comparative Treatise, (co-author) 2nd  (Completely re-cast and re-written to take into account the recent reform of German Contract Law (2006), 979 pages plus liv. 3rd edition to appear in 2015.
  23. Patterns of Federalism and Regionalism (co-editor). Hart Press (2006), pages280 pages.
  24. Compensation for Personal Injury in England, Germany and Italy (Cambridge University Press, 2005) (239 pages). 2nd ed. 2011.
  25. Recthvergleichung in Teorie und Praxis. Ein Beitrag zur rechtswissenschftlichen Methodenlehre (2004, pp. 275+xxv) with a Foreword by the President of the Federal Supreme Court Professor Dr. Günter Hirsch.
  26. Comparative Law in the Courtroom nd the Classroom. The Story of the Last Thirty Five Years, Hart Publishing (2003), pages 272. (Italian edition under the title Il Metodo della Comparazione, with a Foreword by the Vice President of the Italian Constitutional Court Dr. Fernanda Contri 2004).
  27. The German Law of Tort: A Comparative Treatise, (co author) 4th Hart Publishing (2002) (1050 pages).  5th edition (2014).
  28. The British Contribution to the Europe of the Twenty-First Century, British Academy Centenary Lectures (ed. by Basil Markesinis) (chapter five entitled “Tutorial and Repetitorium: Parallel and different techniques of teaching law in England and Germany”) Hart Publishing (2002), pages 266.
  29. Always on the Same Path: Essays on Foreign Law and Comparative Methodology, vol. 2, Hart Publishing (2001)  pages 431 pages.
  30. The Coming Together of the Common Law and the Civil Law. The Millennium Lectures organised under the high patronage of the Lord Chancellor. (Editor and contributor), Hart Publishing (2000)  pages 255 pages.
  31. Tortious Liability of Statutory Bodies: A Comparative and Economic Analysis of Five English Cases, (co-author) Hart Publishing, (1999), pages , xix + 171.
  32. Protecting Privacy. The Clifford Chance Lectures, vol. IV, (1998) (Editor and Contributor). (248 pp.).
  33. The Impact of the Human Rights Bill on English Law. The Clifford Chance Lectures, vol. III, (1998) (Editor and Contributor), pages  vi + 191.
  34. Law Making, Law Finding and Law Shaping: The Diverse Influences. The Clifford Chance Lectures, vol. II, (1997) (Editor and contributor.), pages viii + 226 pp..
  35. Foreign Law and Comparative Methodology: A Subject and a Thesis.  A collection of twenty articles, eighteen of which had already appeared in various journals.  Hart Publishing (1997), pages, xxxii + 487 pp..
  36. The German Law of Contract and Restitution. (co-authored) Clarendon Press, (1997). (This book, along with The German Law of Torts became part of a two volume series entitled The German Law of Obligations).
  37. The German Law of Torts: A Comparative Introduction.  Oxford University Press (Clarendon) 1986.  Second edition 1990 (xli + 750pp).  (Third edition 1994), (approx. 1016 pp.).  Third, revised and corrected reprint (1997).  Fourth edition (2002); fifth edition 2013. Fifth ed. planned for 2016/7.
  38. Bridging the Channel. The Clifford Chance Lectures, vol. I (editor and contributor of one chapter) (1996), (275 pages).
  39. The Gradual Convergence: Foreign ideas, Foreign Influences and English Law on the Eve of the 21st Century. (Editor of and contributor to a collection of papers based on a series of lectures delivered at the Centre for Commercial Law Studies) (320 pp.).  Clarendon Press 1994; (reprinted 1995).
  40. La Réparation du Préjudice Corporel. (Co‑author). ECONOMICA (1985). (The Cambridge University Press has agreed to publish an updated and enlarged edition in English), pages viii + 179pp.
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  48. The Theory and Practice of Dissolution of Parliament. (Cambridge University Press) (1972) pages xii + 283pp, (Yorke Prize for 1972 – best law thesis of the year).
  49. The Mother’s right to Guardianship according to the Greek Civil Code (1968) (in Greek) Papyros/Larousse, pages 275pp.
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2.8 Five Legal articles (usual size) and case notes published in the Athens Bar Journal, and other Greek journals in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s


– approximately 120 – which have appeared in English, American and Greek newspapers on  geopolitical issues and contemporary diplomacy concerning the Eastern Mediterranean in The Times, The Financial Times, The Guardian, The Austin American Statesman, The Vima (of Athens), The Ethnos (Athens), Paron (Athens), Avgi (Athens), Kathimerini, “O Cosmos tou Epeniditi”, Epikaira, Hmerisia, Elefterotypia, Dimokratia (i.e. the main Greek papers covering the entire political spectrum from Right to far Left).

General Editor in charge of a site of translated and in many cases annotated decisions of the decisions of the Supreme Courts of Germany, France, and Italy situated at Institute of Transnational Law of the University of Texas at Austin (which I created in 2000). Total documents deposited: approx: 2,500,000 words of materials, widely used by courts and law firms all over the world (including the CIA!). (Over 2 million hits)


The University of Texas at Austin Studies in Foreign and Transnational Law (14 volumes have appeared thus far).


Assistant Professor of Roman and Byzantine Law, University of Athens (1966‑68).

Research Fellow, Churchill College, Cambridge (1970‑73).

Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge and Director of Studies in Law (1974‑1986).

University Assistant Lecturer (1975‑79); Lecturer (1978‑86) Faculty of Law, Cambridge.

Visiting Professor, Cornell Law School, Fall Term 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, Spring-Summer term 1991.

Visiting Professor at the Universities of Paris I (Panthéon‑Sorbonne) and Paris II (1982/83).

Visiting Professor, School of Law, The University of Texas at Austin, Fall Terms 1985, 1987, 1988, and 1989;

Winter and Fall terms 1991, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1997.  Tenured Professor since then.

Visiting Professor, University of Michigan Law School, Ann Arbor, Fall Term 1986.

Professore a Contrato, University of Siena, Faculty of Law (1985‑86, 1986-87).

Denning Professor of Comparative Law in the University of London at Queen Mary and Westfield College (1986‑1993).

Ordinarius Professor of Anglo‑American Private Law in the University of Leiden (1986‑1999).

Professor of European Private Law, University College, London (1994-1995).

Holder of the “Francqui Chair”, Faculty of Law, University of Gent 1989/90.

Visiting Professor, University of Rome (La Sapienza), Winter term 1995

Clifford Chance Professor of European Law, University of Oxford and Director of the Centre of Advanced Study of European and Comparative Law (1995-1999).

Professor of Comparative Law and Fellow of Brasenose College, Oxford, 1999, 2000.

Professor of Common and Civil Law, University College London 2001-

Distinguished Visiting Chair, University of Ghent, 2004, 5, and 2006.

Emeritus Professor of Law, University of Texas at Austin (2014- )


“The Atkin Lecture”, Reform Club, 9 November 1989.

“The Shimizu Lecture”, London School of Economics, 30 November 1989.

“The 1993 Lionel Cohen Lecture”, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 16 June 1993.

“The Wilberforce Lecture”, 1998.

“The John Maurice Kelly Memorial Lecture” (Univ. College, Dublin) (2002).

“Irvine Distinguished Lecture”, Cornell Law School, August (2006).

 “The New Eastern Question”, The Fifth Andreas A David Memorial Lecture, Hellenic Community Trust, London 2010.


In addition to the above longer-term teaching appointments in foreign Universities and Named Lectures, I have given lectures (typically a series of 2 or 3 lectures) in the following Law Faculties (in alphabetical order):

Aix‑en‑Provence; Amsterdam; Athens; Bayreuth; Beijing, Bonn; Brussels; University of California at Berkeley; Duke; (Summer School in Copenhagen); Geneva; Gent; Harvard; Jerusalem (Hebrew University); Leeds; Madrid; Munich, Munster, Rome (La Sapienza); Shanghai, Southern Methodist University (Dallas); Stockholm; Tilburg; Tulane.

I have also addressed conferences of businessmen, politicians, and bankers in Athens, Berlin, Beijing, California (Carmel), Dusseldorf, New York; Shanghai, Singapore; Vienna. I have also appeared regularly on Greek Television on matters concerning the current political and economic crisis in the Middle East.


Member of the Athens Bar (1968‑1986).

Called to the Bar at Gray’s Inn (1973); door tenant of Essex Court Chambers (1973- ).

General Editor of “The Cambridge‑Tilburg Lectures” (8 volumes published so far by Messrs. Kluwer of the Netherlands; two more in preparation). (1978-1986).

University Advocate, Cambridge (1981‑82).

Secretary of the Degree Committee of the Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge, 1983/84, 1984/85.

Member of Faculty Board of Law, Cambridge 1979‑1982 and again 1983‑86.

Member of Editorial Board of The Netherlands Journal of International Law (1986‑1997).

Member of the Board of Management of the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, London, (1987‑1991).

Fellow of the International Academy of Comparative Law (1987- 1998)

Membre de l’Institut Canadien d’Etudes Juridiques Supérieures (1990-).

Membre of the Cour d’Arbitrage et de Conciliation – Membre Actif (1991- ) (Association for International Arbitration and Conciliation based in Paris).

Member of the Board of Editors, European Review of Private Law 1991.

Corresponding Member of UNIDROIT, Rome (1992- ).

Member of the Board of Editors, Revue de droit internationale et de droit comparé

(1992- ) published by the Institut Belge de Droit Comparé.

Member of the Council of Management of The British Institute of International and Comparative Law (1993-2001).


Various `first class’ prizes and awards by the Law Faculty, University of Athens, (1961‑1965).

British Council Scholarship 1968‑69 and 1969–70.

St Antony’s College, Oxford, Studentship (1970) (never taken up).

Lord Justice Holker Senior Award, Gray’s Inn (1972).

Yorke Prize:  Law Faculty, University of Cambridge (1972).

Leverhulme Fellowship (1979).

Silver Medal, University of Leiden (1998).