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Apostolos Nikolaidis

Professor Apostolos Nikolaidis was born in vasiliko.

The basic studies completed in Pogoniani. He studied Theology at the Universities of Athens and Bonn, Germany.

Postgraduate studies in systematic theology sector (Ethics and Sociology of Religion, Political Theology) held in Bonn and Bochum, Germany.

In 1979 he was appointed Professor in Secondary Education where he served until 1997.

In 1993 he received his PhD in Social Theology of Athens University on “new anthropology of religion in the Philosophy of Ernst Bloch” and grade “excellent”.

From 1993 until 1997 he served as a research associate at the Department of Religion, Philosophy and Sociology of the same department on secondment from secondary education. In 1997 he was elected to the same department and the same Sector Assistant Professor in the field of “Sociology of religion.”

Associate Professor of the same subject was elected in 2001. The rank of First Professor and discipline “Sociology of Religion and Social Ethics” captured in 2005.

He was a) senator for the acad. Year 1997-1998 and the biennium 2009-2011. b) Director two Sectors for three academic. years. c) President of Social Theology of Athens for the biennium 2009-2011. He was a) Deputy Head of the Department for the biennium 2011-13 and the biennium 2013-2015. b) Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Secondary Education in the Church YPDMTH for the period 2009-2013, c) a member of the Board of the Student Housing University of Athens (2011-2014).

In the two years 2008-2010 represented the Department at the University of Athens Research Committee.

In Social Theology teaches courses: Christian and Social Ethics, Bioethics, Sociology of Religion, Sociology of Christianity, philosophy of religion, sociology and the Ecumenical Movement.

From 1997 to date regularly teaches in the Graduate Program of the Department entitled “Religion”.

Oversaw dissertations and specialization works (master), while continuing to be a member of several Chambers of three advisory committees to prepare master and doctoral theses.

He taught for three years in inter-school PSP entitled “Religion and Gender” course “Ethics and Gender” and participated in the acad. year 2009-2010 with a lecture at the University of Athens MSc Biology on the relationship Bioethics and Christian Bioethics.

Besides the University of Athens also taught

– In Higher Ecclesiastical School of Athens for fifteen years (1990-2005) the Dogmatic courses, Symbolic and Philosophy.

– On Parents’ Schools of the Center for Mental Health twenty-five years (1990-2015).

– The People’s University of the Society of People Friends eighteen years (biannual seminars, 1997-2015).

– The Higher School of Police Officers for one year.

– The SBC West Attica for a year.

– The Naval War College for four years.

– The National Security School eighteen years (1997-2015).

He took an active part in many international and domestic scientific conferences.

Since 2006 participates in the organization and chair the annual paidagogikoSynedrio Sector Association of Scientists’ M. Basil “, which takes place in Athens and other Greek cities. He gave lectures in many parts of our country and abroad.

He is a member of three Synodal Committees, dealing with problems of the Family, Environment and Ethics and State Boards of other non-profit institutions.

In the period 1988-1993 he was a radio producer for Ecology.

From September 2009 to August 2010 was producer of hour live broadcast on the Interpersonal relations- Games is power to the same radio station.